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There is a Little Something for Everyone at Game Mechanics Seaclyff Retreat (PlayStation Home)

Last Semester, I was browsing Facebook when I came across an art competition that John Ardussi from Game Mechanics was hosting. Basically, he challenged us to create a mural for … Continue reading

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Back to Basics: A List to Consider When Choosing a New Console

Within the past week, I’ve had some interesting conversations with various people (Both Online and Offline) about Games, Systems, Hardware and why we like or dislike the various genres we … Continue reading

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Burger King and Popeyes Have a Child in our First Look at Forsaken Planet!!!

Who doesn’t like a good burger every now and then? Chickatarians, that’s who. But what if they could change evolution by turning cows into chickens, using the finest processing technology … Continue reading

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One Minute Live. One Minute to Conquer. One Minute Before You Die. Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe Shows us Why PlayStation Mobile is Lightyears Beyond Minis

Death is inevitable. Its a subject of both fear and fascination. If you had a minute to live, would you want to be remembered for how you died; Or would … Continue reading

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Third Party Console Exclusives We Would Like to See on the Vita

As I was browsing some next years releases for the PlayStation Vita, I came across some interesting info. While I have been anxiously awaiting Ignition Entertainment’s side-scrolling brawler, Dragon’s Crown, … Continue reading

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Like a Finely Tuned Engine, Game Mechanics Makes it’s Debut in PlayStation Home

Back in March, I reviewed an awesome, multi-player pirate game in PlayStation Home known as Cutthroats. Since then, Cutthroats’ Lead Designer left Sony in an effort to follow his own … Continue reading

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Decent Action RPGs that are not Diablo III

Being a huge hack and slash fanatic, I was truly excited and filled with anticipation for the release of Diablo III. Back in 1997, I had my first play with … Continue reading

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