Eternity Awaits! Bit-Journal Games Proudly Presents the Eternal Jupiter Single Player and Co-Op Demo

When I first started the Bit-Journal Blog on WordPress, I was a college student majoring in Game Programming. Originally, I decided to start this blog to do reviews for games, PlayStation Home Items and other video game related articles. What I wrote were articles based on the perspective of a guy who has seen many different aspects of this industry on a sales, tech and coding level combined with the pure joy of the one hobby we all enjoy the most, playing video games.

Last year in 2014, I graduated and got my degree in Game Programming. In the background now as an Independent Game Developer, I have been working on a game I can truly call my own. This game is called Eternal Jupiter and finally, after much work, yesterday, I was able to release the first in a series of demos that will allow players to try out the mechanics and see the progression of the game as new demos are released.


Eternal Jupiter is what I call a Bullet Hell Hack and SHMUP. Basically, its a top down vertical shooter in which you pilot a jet that can fire lasers and missiles. However, I also give the player the ability to transform from Mech to Jet or from Jet to Mech by the simple push of a button. Transforming into a Mech changes the function of the attack buttons so instead of firing Lasers and Missiles, your Mech can fire its more powerful Arm Cannon and Slash, Slice and deflect enemy bullets with its Beam Katana. The Katana plays a major role in surviving in this bullet ridden world. This is where the Hack and SHMUP elements come into play.

The demo also features a 2 Player Local Co-Op mode in addition to the single player experience. It is compatible with Xbox 360, X-mode , PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 and Direct Mode based controllers. If you do not feel like using a control pad, Eternal Jupiter also features 2 Players on 1 Keyboard.

I want to thank you all for reading and like always, I will continue to update Bit-Journal with new articles on games, social networks and other related articles.

To Download the latest Eternal Jupiter Demo, Click Here and follow the instructions. Have fun and Enjoy 🙂

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