Ninja Gaiden 3 was released this Tuesday but Blu Ray and DVD were not the only ones to get a shiny, new assassin. Konami’s PlayStation Home division just released its new Dragon Clan Ninja line of costumes. There are four variations of the Dragon Clan Ninja suits; two for the guys and two for the girls. Each costume features three emotes and sell for $3.99 each. Considering the amount of emotes and the fact that these ninjas actually can use their Ninja-to to attack their victims, $3.99 is a very fair price for these quality suits.

The odd thing is, the black suit looks like Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden and the gold version looks like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. It looks like Konami decided to secretly ride out on the coat tails of Ninja Gaiden 3’s launch. I do not know if this is what Konami was thinking but considering the fact that some home users have been wanting a Ryu Hayabusa costume for quite some time, I applaud them for making it.

These suits are all about the details and polish. The ninja keeps a low stance and uses a silent stepping technique when advancing towards the enemy. He also has a pair of dual bladed claws, shuriken and a Ninja-to (Ninja Sword or Ninja Blade usually reforged into a straight edge from a previously broken Katana). All of these weapons are useable through the extra Dragon Clan Ninjitsu Menu. It’s quite fun meeting up with other Ninja (especially in Granzella’s Edo Space) and challenging them to a battle. Although Home already has Ninja Costumes from the Home first party developers and NDreams, Konami’s Dragon Ninja series is by far the best set of Ninja costumes in Home because of its robust animation set. These costumes will actually make your avatar feel more like a ninja. Anyone who is a self respecting ninja on Home should not pass these up. Konami’s Dragon Clan Ninja series shows everyone the true way of the Ninja. Hattori Hanzo says “これらをすぐに買いに行く!” (Korera o sugu ni kai ni iku! or for our English Speaking Friends “Go Buy these immediately!”)

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