Micro Sized Robots Battle for the Domination of your Personal Space


As you can tell from my last review of Lockwood’s Samurai and Geisha Bot outfits, Mechs and Robots have been all the rage in Home lately. So we have costumes (CAS, MechJet, Samurai Bot etc…) and Personal Space items (Anime Incomplete Mech Suit, Samurai Bot Builder) so naturally, the next step up would be creating a game based on robots fighting. Enter Juggernaut Games and their latest breakthrough in the Active Item category, Mini Bots: Battlebox.

Mini Bots: Battlebox is a third person shooter that takes the Play, Create, Share motto from Little Big Planet and applies it to PlayStation Home. Juggernaut does this by giving us the option to buy one of two bundles that include furniture that can be strategically placed in a Personal Space to develop arenas for our Mini Bots to fight in. As a result, your Personal Space becomes the Battlebox. You can also customize the look and starting special weapon for your bot as well. The customization level is pretty robust considering the fact that Juggernaut is using the Playstation Home engine to pull all of this off.

Playing Battlebox is quite intuitive. It basically controls like just about any third or first person shooter you may have played in the past. Your game experience will be easier or harder depending on the Personal Space you select and how you layout your furniture. Keep in mind that too much crowding of virtual items can lead to some funky camera angles which is more of a limitation of the Home Engine and not Battlebox itself. It is wise to plan out a solid level design before actually the game. I used Planetland for my setup since it has a lot of open space and an atmosphere that suits this type of game well.

Currently, Battlebox is single player only with capability to allow others in your Personal Space play the game as well. However, Juggernaut seems open to suggestion as they said in an interview in Your PlayStation Home. Despite the lack of multiplayer, the owner can win additional rewards and you never really play the same game twice because the enemy bots are randomly generated throughout your Personal Space which can significantly increase the challenge of this game.

Juggernaut Games has created something unique and within a single Wednesday update, managed to completely change the way we use Active Items. If this is the future of Playstation Home gaming, then it looks bright indeed. The Mini Bots: Battlebots bundles cost $4.99 and $9.99 respectively. For this review I picked up the Ultimate Bundle which includes every virtual item they have for sale including the game as well. Parties in Home will never be the same again after picking this up. It’s simply a game changer that cannot be ignored and your guests will love it. I highly recommend Mini Bots: Battlebox to just about anyone looking for fun in Playstation Home.


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