Super Robots Invade PlayStation Home with some help from Lockwood and Iron Fusion

To those who know me, it’s no surprise that I am a fan of Japanese Style Mecha and Super Robots. I grew up watching Transformers, Voltron and Robotech. When I first entered college back in 1998, I was in the Robotics Club. Gunpla is a hobby of mine (The art of building Gundam Models). This also extends to my video game collection. Within my trove of games, some Mech based highlights are games like Steel Battalion, Battletech, Robotech: Battlecry and several imports for the PSP based off of the engine created in the game Gundam Battle Tactics.
Of all of these brands, Gundam is a favorite of mine because they take two things I love and combine them into one: Giant Robots and Samurai. When I was 14 years old, I trained in martial arts and took up a particular interest in Iaido (The art of drawing the sword). Since then, I have built up a decent collection of Katana and I continue to practice the art to preserve history and simply for the sheer beauty of it.
Back in the middle of February, I was just posting on Facebook when a friend of mine posted that Lockwood and Iron Fusion were making these new suits for our Home Avatars called the Samurai and Geisha Bots. When I found out about these suits and watched the demo videos, I knew that I simply had to own one because it was simply a good way of representing what I love with some virtual flare. Also, the suits reminded me of my Gundam Astray Red Frame Perfect Grade Model kit that I built a couple of years ago.

When I got my costume on February 29th, it was early in the morning just about two hours before I had to go to my Art History class. While I was on Home, I got an invite from a friend of mine to go show off new suit at an impromptu developers party with Lockwood. I accepted the invite and went to the Lockwood Space. As I walked in two of the developers were there. One was wearing a Geisha Bot Costume and dancing up on stage with my friend and some other fans. The other developer was dressed in the Dark Blue Samurai Bot. This was great because I purchased the Red Samurai Bot. The both of us lit up our Daisho Dash Special Emotes and an epic battle on Home occurred. As we fought, people stopped by in awe and amazement and asked us how much the suits were. Unlike their previous adventures with the $9.99 MechJet suits, the Samurai And Geisha Bots were only $3.99. At this point, more people were purchasing the outfits and our ranks grew stronger.

What I really appreciate about these suits are the attention to detail. All of the pistons and joints are in their proper places. Iron Fusion appropriately added their logos onto the shoulder pad portion of the Samurai Bots armor. The attacks fast paced and would make any otaku proud. The Geisha Bots feature some cool dance moves, a funny walk animation and a traditional parasol complete with Sakura blossom pedals flowing through the wind. When the Geishas and Samurai get together at a place like Granzella Edo, expect to turn heads and gain attention. Feel free to put on a show if you are up to it.

At $3.99, these suits are a bargain. Iron Fusion put a decent amount of time and care into these suits to get the weapons, accessories and animations just right. If you buy any of these, they may just become your favorite costumes in Home. If your a fan of Anime, Mechs, Japan or Cool Stuff, these suits get my highest recommendation. Finally, I can run around in a Mech that actually uses blades as its main weapon. They are great conversation pieces and look insane when two or more of them are fighting each other. If you haven’t already picked up these suits, then what are you waiting for? It’s tough not to be a fan when beauty and death look this good.
(I want to thank Eve for posting info about the Samurai Bots and for inviting me to Lockwoods Dev Party.)


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