YeeeeeeHahhhhhh!!!!! The Old West Saloon is Open for Business

Howdy partner! The phillies are saddled up, spittoons are full and we’ll be snacking on grizzlies till the break of dawn. Aww shucks, who am I fooling. Give me a shot of Wild Turkey and we’ll ride off drunken into the sunset. The Old West Saloon is open for business exclusively in PlayStation Home!!!
Digital Leisure brings your spaghetti western fantasies to life for the fair price of $6.99. The Saloon is a large two floor personal space that has three bedrooms, a stock room, kitchen and gambling room. The space also has three built in games (Blackjack, Liars Dice and Darts), tons of built in furniture, a full cowboy outfit and additional furniture that can be placed in any personal space (Taxidermy Bear, Spittoon, Old Table, Old Chair, Cow Skull, Wanted Poster, Piano and Poker Chips).
If you purchase this space, you will receive all of these items upon entering the Saloon for the first time. However, your guests can win these items by playing the three mini games. To date, the Saloon has the most built in games in a personal space making it the perfect place to put up an arcade. In mine, I put in every playable arcade cab in Home, Brimstone Poker, English Pool and Solitaire. I could have added in one more Active Game but I need the slots to add some additional furniture. With the three built in games added in, I managed to cram a total of fourteen different games into this space.
The Saloons mood is set rather nicely. Cow skulls, stuffed bears, wanted posters, kegs, bottles of moonshine and even a self playing piano all create a saloon that would be the pride of any mavericks collection. Honestly, this space doesn’t really need decorating as everything is already in place.
My only concern with the space (and it’s very minor) is the lighting and outer details. The inside of the saloon is fantastic and it’s also a great place to throw a party. However, the lighting coming through the windows is a tad too bright and I would have liked to have seen more detail of the town by looking through them as well. A scene of a quick draw gun duel would have been pretty cool too.
For the price, the size, the games and all of the virtual items, there really isn’t much to complain about with the Old West Saloon. Essentially, it’s the complete package for $6.99. Considering the costume and the items, separately this whole setup could have easily been in the $15 – $20 range. Because of the overall entertainment value, the Old West Saloon gets my highest recommendation.


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