Go on a Spiritual Journey Courtesy of PSN


We all follow our own paths in life. During these paths, we come to a crossroads. These crossroads are our destiny as we get to pick which part of the fork we take. Eventually, we all end up at a conclusion. This is our inevitable fate.
In Journey, a game created by independent game developer That Game Company exclusively for the Playstation Network, you play the role of a simple traveler traversing a lonely, desolate desert. Along your journey, you will meet other players just like yourself traveling this wasteland. As you traverse this barren world, secrets of an ancient civilization will be uncovered. The more you discover, the more you come to the realization that you are destined to repeat history. Overall, you are traveling from the desert to this mountaintop out in the distance. However, this game is not about getting from point A to Point B. Its all about what you do while you are on your journey.
Journey can easily be completed in an hour and a half. However, the replay value comes into play when you try to trophy hunt. For an hour and a half game, the world of Journey is vast and discovering its secrets will take some time. There is even one trophy that requires you to stop playing for one week before playing it again. The further you explore the desert, the greater you are rewarded. Considering the fact that you are also meeting new people along this journey, every game feels different from the last even though you all eventually end up at the same place.
Along your excursion, you will encounter creatures made out of cloth called Cloth Fish. These fish help you by recharging the flight magic in your scarf. Also, there are ancient glyphs that you can collect to make your scarf longer and extend your flight time. Although it is not necessary to collect all of these glyphs, doing so will fetch you a trophy.
Although you cannot stay in constant flight, parts of the game vaguely remind me of Sega’s Nights Into Dreams on the Saturn. During moments when you encounter bigger Cloth Fish, flying can be very liberating in Journey. However, make no mistake, Journey’s similarities with Nights end there as there is really no other game out there that could truly compare to Journey in concept. Interacting with people you meet along the way and using the in game blip language make this game a great experiment in communication. Even though we don’t speak in blips, it’s easy and intuitive when trying to understand what a fellow traveler is trying to tell you.
Graphically, Journey mixes an almost Cycladic Art Style with very abstract looking deserts and mountains which are all complimented with very realistic wind, fog, glare, shadows and lighting. It’s this mix that gives the player an overwhelming feeling of just how delicate it is to be human in this world. Overall, everyone will succumb to wrath of mother nature. Also, watching your character struggle through every wind and sandstorm is a very humbling experience.
Journey’s soundtrack is highly melodramatic and uplifting at times. Music plays a big role in setting the pace of this adventure and blip communication actually plays along to the tune of the background music. It’s certainly an epic, orchestral sound that will evoke emotion in everyone who plays this game.
Often times, companies stay comfortable with tried and true design. That Game Company has encouraged us to explore the unknown and in the process, they may have just created a game that can almost be defined as its own genre. Journey gives me hope that new ideas can still exist in a vast sea of sequels and clones. The best thing about Journey is at the end of the day, the outside of the box thinking that went into developing this title was a major gamble that ultimately paid off in the end. I am proud to say that I have completed the Journey and this epic piece of modern day art may even please the most reluctant, jaded gamers out there. Journey is an experience I will remember for the rest of my life and will be a title I revisit long after I have completed the trophy set.

2 thoughts on “Go on a Spiritual Journey Courtesy of PSN

  1. I personally loved this game. Played it over and over. Got ALL the trophies in an hour and 16 minutes lol. How you ask? Well the week without play trophy is simply squires by setting.your Calender on the ps3 forward 8 days. Then play again. But I would play this game over and over regardless. Loved it.

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